MEP Mitchell welcomes rejection of ‘bigoted’ Estrela report

European Parliament rejects report that recommended EU nations to declare abortion a human right

For the second time in two months, the European Parliament rejected a report that recommended EU nations to declare abortion a human right and to make abortion available within all public health systems of member countries.

Named after Portuguese socialist MEP and one of the EU’s leading abortion-campaigners, Edite Estrela, who brought it forward, the Estrela Report proposed unrestricted access to abortion on demand as a minimum standard for all EU Member States.

The report advocated treating abortion as a human right and mandated compulsory sex-education for all children from their first year.

Welcoming the European Parliament’s decision to reject report, Irish MEP Gay Mitchell said “it is great a victory for those who are genuinely concerned with human rights and particularly the right to life”.

Dismissing the report as “bigoted and politically correct nonsense”, Mr Mitchell said he believes another reason it was rejected was on grounds of subsidiary.

He told The Irish Catholic “most of the content of the report were matters of subsidiary not even fit for the legislature”.

“A great deal of the content should be decided by parents in the home and in consultation with teachers in schools. The European parliament should have no bearing on the vast majority of its content,” he said.