Memoir of an inspiring life

Donal’s Mountain: How One Son Inspired a Nation by Fionnbar Walsh (Hachette Books Ireland, €12.99/£10.99)

Written by brave Donal's father, this is a memoir of the short life but great achievements of a 16-year-old son. His father sees this book as Donaldís living legacy. Himself facing a struggle with cancer, he campaigned as he was able to increase an awareness of suicide among young people ñ a spreading scourge of modern days ñ by trying to communicate to others his own joy in the life that surrounded him.

Peer group bullying among teens is a cause of many suicides, fostered by the heated nature of modern social media. This book is in support of the Livelife Foundation ( Though many may feel his story is familiar to them through the press and tv, his fatherís book brings his own special insights into those 16 years of fulfilled life.