Media silence on Planned Parenthood is appalling

Dear Editor, The abortion industry in the US has been thrown into turmoil as secretly taped videos showing Planned Parenthood (PP) officials haggling over the price of body parts from aborted babies have gone viral on Youtube. The mothers of the aborted babies were not informed about their dead babies organs being sold.

In one video PP’s medical director, Dr Deborah Nucatola discusses, as she eats a salad and sips a glass of wine, the way she alters her abortion techniques to extract the different body organs customers have ordered.

Boston’s Archbishop Sean O’Malley, in a letter to all US senators, condemns the “callousness towards women and their unborn babies” of PP in its “willingness to traffic in foetal tissue from abortion”.

Shockingly most of the world media is doing their utmost to ignore these grotesque reports. The Irish media, which is normally so vocal at putting forward the views of pro-abortionists, have all but ignored this news.

That level of dishonesty is appalling.

Yours etc.,

Dr Owen Gallagher, Glenavy, Co. Antrim.