Mary Kenny was correct on abortion

Dear Editor, Your columnist Mary Kenny’s report ‘Being neutral on abortion’ (IC 10/10/13) on the recent Irish Times article by Anthea McTiernan was both correct and insightful. Ms McTiernan is correctly quoted as writing that “abortion is normal” as Mary Kenny stated. Ms McTiernan further drew a comparison between women travelling to Britain for an abortion and people being forced to travel to Britain for minor dental treatment.

Many people, myself included, find the comparison between a tooth extraction and killing of a unique individual human life appalling. Your letter writer, Emma Ryan (IC 17/10/13) defends Ms McTiernan and writes of “exporting women for abortion”. Really? Women have a choice about travelling, their aborted babies do not.

Yours etc.,

Oliver Maher,

Harold’s Cross,

Dublin 6W.