Marriage is not for same-sex couples

Dear Editor, I believe that loving, caring, same-sex couple relationship irrespective of their sexual orientation could have their needs met by the State. An example could be legal contracts which a couple may wish to enter into with each other, or have inheritance issues legally regularised.

I understand marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman. Up to now our State has protected this relationship. Society needs law and order, and for marriage the State provides laws, rights and conditions relative to the order of marriage. Some of these are that the couple are opposite sex, not closely related, have binding contracts and inheritance arrangements and rights regarding their children.

Same-sex couples would require some different laws, rights and order. I hope that the State can give support, protection and due rights to relationships which are many, all of whom are different, unique and unequal for example: doctor-patient, employer-employee, parent-child and teacher-pupil, etc.

Yours etc.,
Donal Cleary,
Co. Clare.