Making the most of the everyday

Making the most of the everyday Author Fr Brian Grogan SJ.

I am Infinitely Loved: A Month of Meditations by Brian Grogan SJ (Messenger Publications, €7.99/ £6.95)

This is a new edition  of a booklet first published back 2017. It was popular then, and in its new form will reach an even larger audience of those who are now regular readers of Brian Grogan’s many books.

The idea of this book is basically very simple. It provides a set of 31 readings to run for a month. On the right hand page is a passage from scripture, adapted so that the reader can insert by hand their own name, so that the passage is given a very personal application. A very simple, but enfolding idea.

The title comes from Pope Francis and his statement that “When everything is said and done, we are infinitely loved”. This provides the main theme of the book. Love is a topic that provides endless exploration. But in these pages it is applied directly to you the reader, all generalities cast aside. Love is usually reciprocal, though not always, among human beings, but Fr Grogan underlines, love is always reciprocal with God.

Escape from Egypt

The passages provide a daily meeting with God, akin to those meetings that Moses had daily in the ‘Tent of Meeting’ that was set up in the camp of the Hebrews in the desert after the escape from Egypt.

These pages of daily readings will also provide an encounter, allowing the readers a warm moment of communication with the depths of reality in that desert that is often daily life.

A simple but immensely gratifying little booklet and one not to be missed, which will fill those quiet moments in the day when the readers are free from the usual bustle.