Limerick boxer Kevin Sheehy was ‘exemplary’ – priest

Limerick boxer Kevin Sheehy was ‘exemplary’ – priest Limerick boxer Kevin Sheehy

The priest who led the funeral Mass for Limerick boxer Kevin Sheehy has described his death as “cruel”.

The five times Irish boxing champion was killed in an early morning hit-and-run on July 1, causing shock across the country. Logan Jackson, from Coventry in England, appeared in court last week charged with murdering the 20-year-old heavyweight.

Mourners gathered in Limerick’s Holy Family Church on Saturday to pay tribute to the father-to-be and offer their respects.

Fr Thomas Carroll, who led the ceremony, told The Irish Catholic that there was “a huge crowd at it”, and said that it “was tragic for his poor mother and father”.

The priest added that the young boxer was a good role model, and the circumstances of his death was “cruel”.

“[It’s] the fact that he was an exemplary young fella’, and he was a very good influence. The tragedy is that he died so young,” Fr Carroll said. His partner Emma Colbert is expecting her baby next month and at the Mass spoke about the impact he had on her life.

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