Lidl paid leave after miscarriage welcomed by pro-lifers

Lidl paid leave after miscarriage welcomed by pro-lifers

Lidl’s move to offer paid, compassionate leave for employees who’ve suffered a miscarriage, either directly or indirectly, has been welcomed as a “real example”.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic newspaper, Niamh Uí Bhriain of The Life Institute said it’s “great news, and fair play to Lidl”.

“Miscarriage is a terrible loss and a real source of bereavement,” Ms Uí Bhriain said, continuing “the important thing here is that Lidl is recognising what everybody knows. It’s not like an illness – you’ve lost a child”.

The German supermarket giant is the first high-profile company on the island of Ireland to introduce a policy such as this. The retailer will offer three days leave at full pay to all employees who have experienced early pregnancy loss or miscarriage.

“This is a real example of employers taking the lead through action,” Ms Uí Bhriain said.

“To expect someone in work the next day after losing a baby is appalling. They need time to recover after such a sad loss.”

Lidl’s development is “not a move beyond the abilities of most large companies,” Ms Uí Bhriain noted, saying that she’d like to see more high-profile, high-means businesses following suit.