Leave judgment and mercy to God

Dear Editor, Your front page headline of September 4 (‘Bishop demands answers from SVP on gay donation’) speaks volumes about what the Church as an institution has done to the Gospel message and personal revelation of Christ Jesus. The joy of the Gospels (constantly referred to by Pope Francis) is in fact the sheer joy of the outcasts (in this case LGBT people) that they too are included in the incoming reign, kingdom and plan of God.

Every one of the parables must be read through the prism of forgiveness and inclusion. Jesus himself said he came to call sinners. Pope Francis has identified himself with this aspect of the human condition from day one of his pontificate.

It is a sin against the Holy Spirit to exclude any other fellow human being from his grace and mercy to be a child of God.

Get on with the work and leave judgment and mercy to God who was made visible in Christ. If the human family is to have any future, forgiveness is an essential part of the story. LGBT people have a story to tell and this will have to be listened to and acknowledged by our Church so that the incoming reign and Kingdom of God will succeed according to the wisdom of God the Father.

Yours etc.,

Philip John Griffin,


Dublin 16.