Kenya’s Christians won’t give up – Bishop Makumba

The last the people of Kenya will do in the face of terrorist threats “would be to give up, to give up on ourselves, on anything” according to Nakuru’s Bishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba.

Speaking in the aftermath of the massacre of 148 Christians at Garissa university, Dr Makumba said that while the atrocity was “very, very sad”, Kenya’s bishops were appealing for tolerance and calm in light of how some were trying to use the attacks to stoke a religious conflict.

“We shouldn’t allow them to push us into conflict, religious conflict between Christians and Muslims,” he said, adding, “So we keep urging our people and appeal to them to be tolerant and to take upon themselves a spirit of Christ of love and love everybody, even their enemies.” 

Whilst appealing for tolerance, Bishop Mukamba also urged the international community to be “a little bit more forthright in its condemnation of Christian discrimination, or discrimination against Christians in the world, especially the Muslim world.”