Justice prevailed in Roy Collins’ case – Bishop

The Bishop of Limerick has praised the people of the city for standing up to gangland criminality, following the sentencing of two men for the murder of Roy Collins.

Wayne Dundon and Nathan Killeen have been given life sentences for the murder of Limerick man Roy Collins in his home town in 2009.

The prosecution claimed that Wayne Dundon ordered the murder from prison, while Nathan Killeen was the getaway driver. They said the motivewas revenge against the Collins family for giving evidence against Dundon following the murder of another son, Ryan-Lee.

Referring to the outcome of the trial Bishop Brendan Leahy said, “Justice has in some small way been done.”

He spoke of the “dark and troubled period of the last decade” and praised the people of Limerick for standing up to “gangland criminality” by giving evidence against “these heinous crimes”.

Bishop Leahy appealed to anyone in “any way involved in, or on the periphery of crime… to step back” because crime “is a darkness and we don’t thrive in darkness but rather and ultimately meet a demise”.

Extending his sympathies to Mr Collins’ family he said his name “should always represent a triumph of good over evil in Limerick”.