Judging the life and death of a child

Dear Editor, If the abortion decision is to fall to hospital psychiatrists, what real criteria will psychiatric teams e.g. at the Mater, use to decide on the life or death of a child in the womb where its mother threatens suicide?  The medical professionals at the Hearings conclusively stated that there is no medical evidence that abortion is a treatment for the threat of suicide.  What a lot of ‘hot-air’ psychiatric teams will blow out as psychiatrists become the judges on the life or death of a child.  That decision is God’s alone.  God always was, is and will be.  God never changes.  God created that child in his image and likeness.  God has a plan for that child – a separate human being from conception. 

In Irish law there will always be the ‘Abortion Appeal’s Committee’ who will give sanction to the abortion even if the psychiatrists say ‘No’.  No one can play God – only God Himself Our Creator!

Yours etc.,

Margaret Nolan,


Co. Mayo.