Inspired in my faith

Inspired in my faith Caitlin McBrien, Patrice Murray, Emer McGlone and Laura Hughes who will be travelling to Taizé with Clogher don Óige in August.
Emer McGlone

My name is Emer McGlone I am 15 years old. I live in Boho, Co. Fermanagh and am a member of Cleenish Parish. I attend Mount Lourdes Grammar school in Enniskillen.

Clogher don Óige was launched in 2003 by the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Clogher. Its aim was to inspire young people to grow in faith, to provide activities, events and programmes. I first got involved in Clogher don Óige last summer (2016). I signed up for Assume summer camp after hearing brilliant reports from people who had previously attended and I decided it would be something I would enjoy.

I attended organised meetings to get to know others taking part and to get to know what the summer camp would involve. We went to Newcastle in Co. Down in August. I had a brilliant time and throughout the five days I learnt different prayers and developed my faith more, which was what I had hoped for from this experience.


Also during my experience there I made a lot of new friends who I still keep in contact with today. It was a fantastic experience and I think every young person who is interested in their faith or interested in how to grow in faith should try to get involved in one of these sorts of camps. I will remember Assume summer camp forever.

In my parish I also got involved in a Youth Ministry Skills Course this year. When I heard of this opportunity I was eager to get involved. As a young person in the future I would love to be a leader for Clogher don Óige so I was interested in this opportunity.

Throughout the course I got to know people of my parish and the surrounding parish a lot more and made a lot of new friends. I also learnt how to work well as a group and about the important qualities needed for a good leader. I enjoyed the course and think it will be useful in the future.

This August I am going to Taizé with Clogher don Óige. I was delighted to be one of the 40 people selected to go to Taizé. I have always heard people talking about how good this place is so I was excited to find out I was going.

We have had a number of preparation days in order to prepare for this trip. By going to Taizé I hope to that my faith grows even more and when I return home I want to share the positivity and also help those in need around me. I cannot wait to be a part of the Taizé community for one week. It will be a great opportunity for me and one I will not forget. I think the long journey will be worth it!

In my experience Clogher don Óige is a great organisation and helps a lot of people to grow in faith today. Young people need organisations like this to encourage them to have faith and to do good deeds in the world today.

Clogher don Óige has impacted on me in many ways and has helped me to become more involved in my parish and to grow in faith. I am so glad that I got involved in Clogher don Óige and I hope to be able to inspire other young people in the future  to grow in their faith.


Camino companions
Olivia Elliott

We began as 10 individuals travelling together on the Camino de Santiago, not knowing what blessings and adventures lay ahead; we ended up like family. Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan was our father-figure. As a Camino veteran, he alone knew the way. We all accepted that – trusting his gentle guidance.

We journeyed together for the week as equals – sharing, laughing, listening and supporting. We followed in the footsteps of countless pilgrims who had travelled before. We were led by the yellow arrows and shells; each pointing the way, just as Jesus does. The Camino, like our life’s journey, had many stops, but we kept the final destination always in mind.

We travelled much of the way down laneways, along wooded paths, through vineyards, acutely aware of God’s beauty all around. The stark contrast between carefully tended vineyards and overgrown ones called to mind the need for the Vinedresser in John 15. We encountered numerous lovely people from all over the globe who will stay in our memories; each wishing us a ‘Buen Camino’.

When we finally arrived in Santiago we rejoiced together. We joined hundreds who filled the cathedral for the daily Pilgrims’ Mass. It was a precious moment to see the two deacons leading the long line of pilgrim priests, followed by Bishop Cullinan.

Final Mass

At the final Mass we received a warm Irish welcome from the FCJ Sisters: Katherine, Susan and Marianne – the Camino Companions. Over tea, reflections and companionship, they presented our much coveted Pilgrims’ Scrolls.

We are all pilgrim people, journeying towards our eternal home. God calls us to withdraw from the chaos, to live in the present, to slow down, returning home with a new heart.