‘I’m only worried what God thinks’ says new Faith-filled Louth manager

‘I’m only worried what God thinks’ says new Faith-filled Louth manager Ger Brennan in action during a 2014 match.

GAA star and now manager of Louth senior football team Ger Brennan has said he is “very lucky” to have received the gift of grace.

The former Dublin senior footballer, and two-time All-Ireland winner, was appointed Louth’s manager in October. Like his predecessor Mickey Harte, he is also very vocal about his Faith.

Mr Brennan told The Irish Catholic he is sometimes called brave for talking about his religion – which he denies. He said: “I don’t consider myself that way [brave], I consider myself very lucky that I definitely have been given some sort of gift or grace, where I do sense regularly the divine presence in the world. 

“I’m by no means perfect, I have my faults, my sins, and none of us are infallible so I think having a bit of compassion for myself and others is important but generally speaking it’s no problem for me to have conversations with public entities, or to do talks on those lines, I’m fairly at ease, so again I consider myself lucky that way.” 

He said he was “delighted” when asked to put himself forward for the role of Louth manager.
“A lot of candidates would have been interested in it because Louth GAA is in a great place now in the last couple of years, so I felt very honoured and humbled to have been asked to take it over. I’m just grateful for being entrusted with the opportunity to bring Louth to the next level,” he said.  

Asked how he felt as a first-time manager, Mr Brennan said: “I’m very happy with what I can do and cannot do, and I’m also able to ask for help and advice in areas that I mightn’t be as skilled at and that’s part of your management group, putting a good team together and listening to the ideas of others.  

“Mickey and Gavin Devlin, the previous management, they did wonderful work bringing Louth from division 4 to division 2, and they certainly left it in a very, very healthy place. I don’t get overwhelmed too often, and Faith probably helps me in that regard, I’m only worried about what God thinks at the end of it.”

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