Hopes prayer gatherings for Mass will go national

Hopes prayer gatherings for Mass will go national Catholics gather at Bride Street Church, Wexford, to pray for a return to Mass on the weekend of the 21 March.

Parishioners gathered in Wexford and Dublin this weekend to pray for a return to public worship, as Christians face a second Easter without Mass.

“Sixty people gathered together, all safely spaced out,” said Ms Katie Black, who was involved in the gatherings. “Everyone was delighted to come together and some even expressed later that they felt very emotional. They all felt the need that something had to be done.”
Parishes in New Ross, Dundalk and Enniscorthy will join the movement this coming weekend, as Ms Black “hopes the gatherings will become a national thing”.

“I am very hopeful that other parishes will also join us to highlight and pray for the need to return to public worship,” Ms Black continued. “We are calling for all towns to gather, with social distancing in place, and with permission of their priest, at 12 noon.”

If you wish to organise a gathering or to send pictures of gatherings, you can contact Ms Black at kanddans@hotmail.com.