GAA star opens up about faith

GAA star opens up about faith

A former Gaelic footballer has opened up about the importance of his faith, saying he “prays regularly”.

Sportsman turned fashion designer, Paul Galvin, who played on the Kerry senior team for over 10 years, spoke about the issue of homelessness in Ireland and the importance of going to Church.

Mr Galvin, who is launching a new fashion line, said: “My mother always said: ‘Without God on your side, you have nothing’, and I always believed that, so I pray.”

Although he said he stopped going to Mass, he still goes to Church, saying, “you can only go to Mass when Mass is on, but you can go to Church anytime”.

“It’s the difference between training and practice in sport. You can only train when the manager calls a time for training on a given evening, but you can go to the field to practice anytime,” he said.

“In Kerry, the church and the football field are places of worship. You can visit anytime to practice, and it’s a powerful place to be,” he added.

As Ireland struggles with a homeless crisis Mr Galvin also mentioned the need to care for the less fortunate, saying: “Every day I wonder about sales, who is buying into my ideas, my style, how much I can grow, how much I can make. It’s important for me to realise how much I can give too.

“Homelessness is a big issue in Dublin. Lack of compassion is bigger,” he told the Sunday Independent’s Life magazine.