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Webinar your way to through isolation

Just because you can’t go anywhere, doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do. In this digital age, the world is at our fingertips. So if you’re feeling well and happen to have some time off this is a great opportunity to learn some new things.

Webinars are basically online lectures, that are held over Zoom, or a similar video and screen streaming interactive online platforms. There are groups and pages on Facebook where people post their upcoming webinars from all over the world. Since you’re not geographically limited, you can tune into a webinar from anywhere.

There are ones focused on online teaching skills, business trends, technology or pretty much any topic you can think of. If you can’t find something to suit your needs, try searching (for example) ‘gardening webinar’ and you should be able to find at the very least a webinar or class that has been recorded and is available to watch.


A hot bath a day keeps the doctor away

Ending the day with a warm bath could lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, a new study has found.

Published on March 24 in the journal Heart, a subsidiary to the British Medical Journal, it found that a hot bath every day is associated with a lowered risk of heart disease by 28%, and a 26% lowered risk of stroke. The researchers said this is likely because taking a bath is associated with lowering your blood pressure.

For 20 years the researchers tracked the bathing habits and cardiovascular disease risk of over 61,000 Japanese adults.

“We found that frequent tub bathing was significantly associated with a lower risk of hypertension, suggesting that a beneficial effect of tub bathing on risk of (cardiovascular disease) may be in part due to a reduced risk of developing hypertension.”


Disney Plus

After a long wait since its US debut in November, Disney Plus, has come to Ireland. The timing is pretty perfect too.

The new streaming service is basically similar to Netflix but it has everything from not just Disney but Marvel, Pixar and 20th Century Fox. It comes at Disney Plus costs €6.99 a month or €69.99 for a year. You can have four people streaming from the same account at once and you can also do unlimited downloads across ten different devices. One account can have seven profiles and there are also tailored profiles for children.

They have over 600 episodes of The Simpsons and Star Wars content available on the streaming site as Disney rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime. Streaming services are blowing up in the US, with NBC following suit and working on a platform for its many shows; including Friends. Disney had begun to pull its productions off services like Netflix when it announced its plans to create Disney Plus.