Family News and Events

Family News and Events
A weekend of visual creations

For lovers of visual art, Kilkenny Animated is a festival of visual storytelling, hosted by Cartoon Saloon, that will be taking place across a variety of venues around Kilkenny City from February 23-25.

Cartoon Saloon are a locally based animation studio who have been nominated twice for Oscars with their films The Secret of Kells and more recently Song of the Sea. They are assembling an amazing line-up of speakers and activities for this new festival.

Some of the world’s finest animators, cartoonists and illustrators will be attending, such as Nick Galifianakis, David Coverly and Annie West. Featured in the line-up are screenings of animated films, an exhibition of cartoons and illustrations, and workshops for professionals and beginners. There will also be stand-up comedy, dance, and live graffiti displays.


Brushing it up

One of the hardest parts of the morning school routine is trying to get your child to brush their teeth. This can be a nightmarish activity for many children which usually leads to tantrums or tears. In order to tackle this problem, a new technologically-advanced toothbrush promises to incentivise kids to keep all of their chompers clean.

The Magik Smart Toothbrush by Kolibree is a toothbrush that uses computer vision and an augmented reality game to guide children on proper brushing technique. The toothbrush is connected to their phone and in order to make progress on the game, brushing is required. To prevent over-brushing, the game can only be played up to three times a day.

Parents will also be sent data each time their child plays, receiving information like the time of day their kids brush their teeth and the duration of brushing.


Careful with your cuppa

A cup of tea is a staple in every Irish home; it’s a symbol of welcome when visitors arrive, a peace-offering, and a medicine that can soothe mental and physical ills. However, a recent study from Peking University in Beijing, China, has found that the temperature at which tea is consumed could affect health – particularly in certain groups already at risk of negative health outcomes.

Lead study author Jun Lv found that the consumption of hot tea correlates with the onset of oesophageal cancer. Lv and the team uncovered a positive correlation between drinking burning-hot tea, regular alcohol intake and smoking and a higher risk of oesophageal cancer. Those who engaged in all three of these habits showed a fivefold increase in the risk for this type of cancer compared with those who did not partake in these activities.