Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Making mature students feel at home

Family support is very important for mature students, and with this in mind, Technological University (TU) Dublin are organising a family fun afternoon, so the family will have a chance to see some of the university and get a better understanding of the new experience.

Organisers say: “Bring your children, nieces, nephews, brothers or sisters in for a fun afternoon in Grangegorman, organised by our sports team (suitable for ages 5-12).”

The family fun afternoon takes place from 3-5pm on Wednesday, September 4, in the TU Dublin Grangegorman campus.

While they play, mature students can enjoy a tour of the Grangegorman Campus with other mature students and their families. Attendees can bring other members of their family – partners, parents, siblings, etc –  for the tour.

The exact address is: Glassmonogue, TU Dublin, 7 Grangegorman Lower, Dublin.

To register children for the afternoon, those interested can register here.


Pollution perilous for kids’ mental health

People who spend their childhood in areas with high levels of air pollution may be more likely to later develop mental disorders, new research suggests.

Air pollution has become a matter of growing concern as an increasing number of studies have found links to conditions ranging from asthma to dementia and various types of cancer.

There are also signs it may take a toll on mental health. Research recently published found that children growing up in the more polluted areas of London were more likely to have depression by the age of 18 than those growing up in areas with cleaner air.

A study by researchers in the United States and Denmark has suggested a link between air pollution and an increased risk of mental health problems, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and personality disorders.


Save the seas with eco-friendly washing up liquid

A lot of people pack their bathrooms and kitchens with products purchased regularly such as shampoo and cotton swabs, but what are their impact on the eco-system, and what alternatives are out there?

Many washing up liquids have been proven to harm the oceans and the eco-systems that survive in that environment.

Eco-conscious brands like Ecover and Method use plant based formulas that are said to cut through grease and grime, leaving dishes as clean as leading brands without harming the earth.

Currently there are a few places around Ireland that have large containers of eco-friendly shampoo and washing up liquid, customers can bring their containers back to these shops or markets to refill them – reducing waste while also using  a product that is not harmful to the planet.