Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Wifi drive-by

Packing your family into the car for a journey is a stressful business. Central to this is keeping your kids, no matter what their age, amused for the duration. So, how do you fend of those salvos of ‘Are we there yet?’ and ‘I’m bored’ when you’ve got offspring who no longer think it’s cool to play I-Spy?

Shelling out for some new kit to keep the sprogs happy could be worth its weight in gold.

Mobile wireless internet is a must-have for most of us these days, so a Wi-Fi router in the car makes a sensible choice. Your offspring certainly won’t want to go far without being connected, so investing in a Verizon Wireless Ellipsis Jetpack could be very handy, it supports up to a dozen wireless devices,

Coming in at around €50 it could be just what you need, but shopping around for a more powerful, or maybe cheaper model may be another option. Just remember to turn off the phones when you arrive at your family destination!


A stroke of luck

While it’s generally recommended that staying fit should be the body’s desired state, a new study has shown that obesity can improve one’s life expectancy after a stroke.

Dr Zuolo Liu – from the University of California – and her colleagues examined 1,033 people who had experienced an ischemic stroke – that is, a condition wherein the arteries that pump blood to the brain are blocked.

Overall, people with severe obesity had a 6% percent lower chance of dying from a stroke than people with a normal BMI, people with obesity had a 46% lower chance of death, and those who were overweight had a 15% lower chance of dying.

“Outcome from acute ischemic stroke is characterised by an obesity paradox: elevated BMI is associated with reduced three-month mortality over all, and reduced disability over most weight ranges,” authors of the study said.


Sea it to believe it!

In era where the public are aware more-than-ever about the serious effects of climate change on oceans and marine life, a chance to explore the creatures of the deep shouldn’t go amiss. Blue Planet II has been adapted for the stage with a wondrous visual display and immersive musical score that you simply have to experience to believe. And you’ll have your chance on March 24 as this wonderful show is being brought to Dublin’s 3Arena.

Marvel at the mysteries of our planet’s oceans and wildlife as they are presented to you in breath-taking detail on a state-of-the-art 200sqm 4K Ultra HD LED screen, whilst the sweet sounds of Bleeding Fingers Music is performed in tandem.

From icy polar seas and pulsating coral reefs to the deepest reaches of the sea and enormous kelp forests, you’ll embark on a journey you’ll never forget.