Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Seek to sea more

Take a dive into the deep at Sea Life Bray this spring and become the newest recruits of the Jawsome Rangers and fulfil the mission of finding the missing shark teeth.

Guests will be tasked with helping Prof. Finn locate the large Play-Doh model shark teeth in the tanks. This includes a chance to learn more about the sea life, sharks and rays.

At the end of the trail Prof. Finn will greet the new Jawsome Rangers and share some of his expert knowledge of fascinating sharks.

Trainee rangers will also have the opportunity to get hands on with some shark related items including models of shark teeth.

The Jawsome Rangers will each get a special Play-Doh gift to take home and then they’ll move into the activity zone featuring a create-your-own shark model made out of Play-Doh!

The event takes place from Sunday February 16 to Monday May 6. Times: 10am-6pm, last admissions at 5pm. The venue is National Sea Life Centre on the Strand Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow. For more info call: 01 286 6939. Online fees for adults (15+) are €10.75 and for children its €8.50, while paying on the day costs €12.95 and €9.95 respectively. Online tickets can be bought here.


A blend of success

From great eaters to fussy ones most children love a smoothie, as do many adults.

Perhaps you’re trying to get your child away from screens or would be hoping to educate them in the art of food blending, or maybe you just want to keep them preoccupied, in any case this workshop might be for your young tots.

Kicking off in Dublin at the Super Natural Food Market, the Healthy Habits Smoothie Workshop for Kids promises all this.

Organic market

Organiser say: “We love showing children that healthy food can be fun, not to mention tasty! So bring them down, you can grab a coffee and have a browse around the organic market and we’ll do all the work.”

The event takes place on February 23 from 1.30-2.30pm at St Andrew’s Resource Centre on Pearse Street, Dublin 2. It’s suitable for children from ages 3-7 approximately.

Tickets are €11.50 and can be purchased online here.


Dinner is for family, not phones

Mobile phones should be banned from the dinner table and bedtimes as part of a healthy approach to devices, the UK’s four chief medical officers have said.

Children should also take a break from screen-based activities every two hours, the government advisers said.

And they added the tech industry must do more to keep children safe.

Their guidance comes as English Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, is set to meet bosses at Instagram over the handling of self-harm and suicide content.

While some research has pointed to an association between screen-based activities and negative effects such as an increased risk of anxiety and depression, it is still inconclusive.