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Family News and Events Kildare’s Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park
Have a Lullymore Christmas!

With the Christmas holidays well and truly arrived, it’s that time of year where children finally get meet Santa Claus! Father Christmas will be greeting visitors, both young and old, at Kildare’s Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park up till December 23. The 2018 Christmas visit will include a gift from the Elves’ workshop, as well as a festive train trip.

The road train – The Christmas Express – will take you on a magical trip through ancient woodlands, glassy lakes and a beautiful peatland landscape. There’ll be an Elf Hologram in a new stone age house in the woodlands and a Christmas fairy hologram in an old-style thatched cottage.

Make sure to also visit the crib scene while you’re there. Animals such as donkeys, goats and miniature horses will be in paddocks beside the centre. Have a merry time!

Coffee, anyone?

Having a desk job during the winter season can be a nightmare – especially with the cold commute into work and the icy breeze from opening and closing doors.

One thing which offers solace and comfort during these freezing months is a warm cup of tea or coffee that can keep you replenished and toasty for the whole day. Unfortunately, hot liquids like these tend to go cold quickly resulting in numerous trips back to the kettle.

However, there is a gadget that provides a quick fix to this problem – a mug warmer. These prevent your freshly-poured brew from cooling off too soon by providing a roomy, warm perch for your mug.

They heat up to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature so there’ll be no more running back and forth.

This is something that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it!


Don’t trade your traits

While we’re always told that having a good personality can take you a long way, this statement might be truer than we have realised, given new findings which indicate that those with positive personality traits live longer.

Researchers analysed the adaptive traits of thousands of people who were high school students in 1960 and then looked for links between these traits and lifespans of the individuals. According to their analysis, those individuals who scored highly on calmness, social sensitivity (empathy), tidiness, sense of curiosity, and degree of maturity, but scored low on impulsivity, appeared to have a lower relative risk of all-cause death over the 48-year period.

The research, however, is limited in so far that the associations between certain personality traits and longevity do not necessarily indicate a cause-effect relationship since the study was observational.