Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Food tingles in Dingle

For food lovers and connoisseurs, the Dingle Food Festival which takes place annually on the first weekend of October will be right up your street.

The festival in Kerry is organised by local people and businesses on a non-profit basis and has quickly become one of the highlights of the culinary calendar for both the Dingle area and visitors. The festival includes cookery demonstrations and workshops, over 50 market stalls, wine, gin and whiskey tastings, a cider and beer trail and a farmer’s forum, as well as street entertainment and children’s event.

The highlight of the festivais is the Taste Trail – which is the only ticketed event – where plenty of outlets from around the Dingle Peninsula will be offering samples of their food and drink. Suitable for the whole family and food explorers, gastronomy has never been made this easy!


Mindfulness can be a pain relief

Mindfulness has become a popular practice in today’s Western society, and although it is sometimes derided as pseudo-science, there are actually a multitude of studies showing its effectiveness. Take new research led by Fadal Zeidan, Ph.D at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, which has shown that people predisposed to mindfulness experience less pain.

The study found that higher trait mindfulness correlated with greater deactivation of the posterior cingulate cortex, which is associated with pain. Conversely, in those who said they had felt more pain, this brain region was more active. “The results from our study,” Zeidan says, “showed that mindful individuals are seemingly less caught up in the experience of pain, which was associated with lower pain reports.”

He hopes that the new findings will help bring relief to those living with chronic pain.


Rain, rain go away!

Moving from summer to autumn means that we all must be cognisant of the seasonal weather changes, in particular, the often dark and rainy nights.

With days becoming pitch black in the early evening, it’s important that you’re prepared for the darkness and the drizzle. Killing two birds with one stone, the Betron Light Saber LED Umbrella with Torch acts as both a normal umbrella as well as strong light source to help you see well into the night.

The shaft of the umbrella lights up at the push of a button meaning that you’re visible to the traffic and your vision isn’t muddied by the darkness. The umbrella is very sturdy against the wind and the edges come down to cover your whole head.

This is perfect for those who wants to look stylish and also stay protected in the rain.