Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Travelling into Irish history

There are over 40,000 Irish Travellers across the country, but many people still don’t know about their history and how they came to be. Offering an insight into their unique story, the National Museum of Ireland in Co. Mayo is holding an exhibition of objects, images and film exploring the rich culture and traditions of the Traveller community in the west of Ireland.

Beginning last month and ending in May of next year, ‘Travellers’ Journey’ pays homage to the heritage, history and traditions of Ireland’s largest indigenous ethnic group, including craft and skills, home and nomadism, faith, belief and language.

Some of the key objects on display include a jacket worn by boxer Francis Barrett at the 1996 Summer Olympics; a model barrel top wagon; a tie belonging to Martin Ward, Tuam’s first Traveller mayor; beady pockets traditionally worn by Traveller women; and artworks by Leeane McDonagh.


‘Fast’ way to lose weight

It’s common knowledge that eating healthily and exercising can help you lose wait – but according to a new study, what time you eat at can also have a serious impact on weight loss.

Research, led by Dr Jonathan Johnston, from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom has shown that time restricted eating – otherwise known as intermittent fasting – in which dieters only eat for a specific number of hours everyday actually influences how much weight people can lose.

The research team found that participants who changed their diet to have breakfast 90 minutes later, and have their dinner 90 minutes earlier than they normally would lost more than twice as much excess bodyweight than those who did not.

“Although this study is small, it has provided us with invaluable insight into how slight alterations to our meal times can have benefits to our bodies,” said Dr Johnston.


Wipe it away – noted!

For parents, the month of September usually means one thing: the kids are going back to school. From holidaying in Tenerife to now preparing uniforms and stationery for the ensuing academic year, getting ready for school can be stressful for you and your children.

However, one gadget that will enthuse your kids about heading back to school, and help them academically in the process, is the Wipebook.

In simple terms, the Wipebook is a whiteboard reduced down to notepad size, meaning that you can write, draw and erase with ease, leaving no residual marks. They come in different shapes and sizes as well as ruled, graph or plain depending on the work you want to do.

Kids won’t spend their time arduously rubbing out mistakes leaving tears or marks on the page, but always have the opportunity to make a fresh start!