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Family News and Events Anker Powercore II
Walking through history

If you’re looking for a chance to experience traditional Irish culture while having a blast, then check out Irish Heritage Week. A great opportunity to explore your background, it will be held at places all around the nation from August 18 to August 26. Many national and hundreds of local communities participate in National Heritage week every year. The events focus on nature, wildlife, folklore, and built heritage.

For the history buffs, there will be medieval fairs, storytelling, historical re-enactments and tours. If you love nature, there will be wildlife walks and talks, in addition to many kid-friendly activities. Many sites and properties will offer free admission or special concessions, making it an affordable way to enjoy a variety of activities. It’s certain to be a very fun time, and one that will grant the opportunity to learn about the folklore, nature, and culture of Ireland.


Try a fizzy diet?

While diet sodas have not always had the best reputation, a new study indicates that they may carry some benefits. The Yale Cancer Centre, out of Yale University, found that diet soda may significantly lower the risk of cancer recurrence in patients who have previously been treated for cancer, specifically advanced colorectal cancer. This type of cancer is the third most common of those that affect both men and women, and the second biggest killer.

The study revealed that those who consumed at least one 12-oz serving of diet soda per day were 50% less likely to die or experience recurrence, compared with those who did not consume diet soda.

Overall, the researchers say that diet sodas receive a bad rap and may be able to benefit certain people, but little is known about how they actually do so, and more research is required.


Powering your peace of mind

If you find yourself heading off on a weekend or for a day trip, you’ll most likely want to use your phone to navigate or take pictures. Unfortunately, the great outdoors rarely has power outlets, so it becomes essential to bring your own power source to make sure your phone doesn’t die.

This is where the Anker PowerCore II comes in. It packs 18W of outputs, and is accessible from dual USB ports that let you charge two devices simultaneously, meaning there won’t be a queue for the charger.

The shape is very convenient, and it’s small enough to fit inside a backpack’s pocket. But don’t let the size fool you; it packs enough power to refuel an iPhone over 6.5 times, and can do so in a very small amount of time.

So, if you every find yourself heading away from civilization for a much-needed break, take a portable charger like this one with you so you won’t have to stress about missing photo opportunities.