Family News and Events

Family News and Events
A family harvest festival

Where can you go to experience agriculture, fashion, and sculpting all in one place? The Claremorris Agricultural Show may be just the thing for you. Hosted in the Claremorris Athletic club, it’s been run every year since 1904, only interrupted three times. Taking place on Sunday, August 5, there will be over 100 trucks at the Connaught truck show, for the automobile enthusiasts. And, if you’re a fashionista, there will be a Fashion Emporium on display as well, perfect for perusing different styles.

The internationally renowned sculptor Daniel Doyle will be there as well, leading a sand sculpting session perfect for participants of all ages. There will also be wrestling, bouncy castles for child fun, and, of course, loads of agricultural activities.

So come on down to Claremorris, Co. Mayo for a wide variety of activities for the whole family, and participate in a tradition over 100 years old.


Going nuts for…nuts!

here have been many small studies showing the health benefits of nuts, and it seems nut lovers have more good news.

A recent long term study out of the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health has shown that nuts may be the go-to food for your heart, slashing the risk of stroke and coronary disease.

The leader of the study referred to walnuts as “health capsules”.

Some studies even suggest that there are more benefits: a handful of nuts could help you live longer, develop a better memory, and contribute to brain health.

Those consuming diets enriched with walnuts were found to have significantly lower cholesterol than those on low fat diets from a wide variety of cultures, as well as reductions in other markers for heart health.


Becoming UV free

As families begin to spend more time in sunlight, the fear of sunburn becomes a larger concern. Sunburn has been linked to various health problems, so it’s very important to be conscientious about sunscreen. But it can be easy to forget whether or not you’ve applied it, and if you’ve missed any spots.

Luckily, the Sunscreenr emits an ultraviolet light which, because sunscreen shows up under ultraviolet light, allows the user to check whether or not sunblock has been applied. It also includes a camera and video playback, which allows you to take a video of your back and check how well you’ve applied it.

It’s solidly built: it’s dustproof, waterproof, and sandproof. The long lasting battery allows you to take it with you for a weekend and not have to worry about it dying. The fun colour even makes it suitable for young children.