Eighth Amendment blocks liberal abortion culture

Dear Editor, The (pro-life) Eighth Amendment has received much adverse publicity in recent times from politicians and the media. Is this based on a fair or biased view of the common good?

We are all familiar with the 'Disappeared' – those 18 individuals executed by mainly Republican paramilitaries and buried in secret locations. Since abortion was legalised in Britain and elsewhere in the late 1960s, some 170,000 Irish unborn children have 'disappeared' also. By comparison the population of Cork City is 120,000!

The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution has so far blocked a liberal abortion culture in our country. In Britain where this culture exists, some 1 in 5 unborn children are 'terminated' simply because they are unwanted.

Before Jesus was born, he spent nine months as an unborn child in the womb of his mother Mary. How glad we are that the ruler of the time (King Herod) failed to number him among the 'Disappeared' Holy Innocents of Bethlehem!

Yours etc.,

Morty O'Shea,


Co. Kerry.