Drifting from Church teaching

Dear Editor, I read with shock – but hardly surprise – your front page article ‘Bishop demands answers from SVP on gay donation’ (IC 04/09/2014). It is further evidence of a pattern in Ireland that has seen Catholic organisations drift far away from Church teaching.

No-one can object to the Society of St Vincent de Paul giving charitable assistance to people of all religious creeds and none regardless of their sexual orientation. But when one donates to the SVP box at Mass, does one really expect the money to go to political activism and advocacy on behalf of supporters of gay marriage?

We have seen the same thing time and again when Catholic organisations engage in activity that is diametrically opposed to the Church’s teaching. It’s only a few years ago since Cura – the Church’s crisis pregnancy agency – was handing out leaflets referring vulnerable young women experiencing a crisis pregnancy to agencies in England providing abortions. On that occasion, their policy had actually been approved by members of the hierarchy.

Is the SVP scandal another example of bishops asleep at the wheel? Conscientious Catholics will want to be very careful what Catholic organisations they choose to support with their limited financial resources.

Yours etc.,

Michael Cunningham,


Co. Fermanagh.