Developing good habits

Most people want to be organised, hard-working and in a good mood.  But usually thatís easier said than done. Now, a popular app, named 'Lift', is helping users keep their personal goals in check.  

It was developed in San Francisco to help users record their progress, while at the same time being encouraged by others who are hoping to develop those same goals.

Some of the most popular habits are 'Waking up early', 'Drinking more water' and working on a 'Good Posture'. The app also includes sections to help develop more personal habits like 'Tell my wife I love herí and 'Pray'.

People can join the group of users who are working on the same goals and the app helps them keep track of their behaviour on a small calendar. 

This application is available for iPhones and Android users. For the people who donít have a smartphone, there is also the option of joining their website