Dechristianisation of Ireland in full swing

Dear Editor, For most of the 20th Century the Catholic Church ran, and its priests and nuns worked in, most of our schools and hospitals. The Church ran most of our charities and campaigned on behalf of the poor. Many priests were social workers as well as self-help providers of jobs. Fr McDyer helped found local industries in Glencolmcille and Fr Horan built an airport to give employment to his Mayo parishioners.

In 20th Century Ireland only the Church gave dignity, respect and comfort to the poor. But now that most of the Irish people are rich, way beyond what past generations could even have dreamed, we do not need the Catholic Church anymore.

Now that a self-absorbed, atheist culture has taken hold of the nation, we want to force out the Christian heritage which we held for 1,500 years.

The dechristianisation of Ireland is now in full swing. From now on Catholics will be discriminated against. They will not be allowed teach their beliefs to their children.

The Government will teach its view of the truth instead.

The liberals are not so liberal when it comes to allowing Catholics free speech. They want respect for people they like, but do not want to give any respect to Catholics.

Yours etc.,

John Hyland,

Dun Leary,

Co. Dublin.