‘Death Star’ abortion bill is an affront to Church teaching

‘Death Star’ abortion bill is an affront to Church teaching New York Governer Andrew Cuomo

Albany’s Catholic bishop has called on New York Governer Andrew Cuomo to stop the ‘Death Star’ as he called a bill in the state legislature to expand current state law on abortion that has the full backing of Cuomo, a Catholic.

“Although in your recent State of the State address you cited your Catholic faith and said we should ‘stand with Pope Francis’, your advocacy of extreme abortion legislation is completely contrary to the teachings of our Pope and our Church,” said Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger.

“Once truth is separated from fiction and people come to realise the impact of the bill, they will be shocked to their core,” he said in an open letter to Cuomo published on January 19. “By that time, however, it may be too late to save the countless lives that will be lost or spare countless women lifelong regret.”

Introduced in the Legislature the week of January 7, the Reproductive Health Act, or RHA, is known as S. 240 in the state Senate and A. 21 in the state Assembly. Cuomo has promised it will pass both houses within the first 30 days of the legislative session.

“The so-called Reproductive Health Act (RHA) will expand abortion under the pretences of choice and progress, which, in fact, it will do little to enhance,” Bishop Scharfenberger said.

“At the same time, this legislation threatens to rupture the communion between the Catholic faith and those who support the RHA even while professing to follow the Church, something that troubles me greatly as a pastor.”