Consult laity on priestless Communion services

Dear Editor, I am deeply disappointed at the approach of Frs Whelan and Mullaney to the perceived problem of priestless communion services (‘Limit priestless Communion services, bishops are urged’ IC 11/12/2014). It is so Vatican I – legalistic and top down, with little or no regard for the people most affected: daily communicants.

Would it not be better to first engage in a respectful and constructive dialogue? “Seen from our perspective, we see a problem with these services for the following reasons. How do you see things? What are your perspectives? What are your views on the matter? What do you see as most conducive to helping you lead a Christian life on a daily basis into the future? How best to proceed?”

Reverend fathers, please move over in the bed and make space for the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the laity.

Yours etc.,

Brendan Burke,


Co. Dublin