Church in Haiti is being targeted by criminals

The Church in Haiti is increasingly concerned about attacks on Church properties, according to Bishop Launay Saturné of Jacmel.

More than 20 robberies of religious communities took place between November and February, he said in an interview, although crime against Church properties have declined since a silent march of religious and clergy on March 9, when all religious communities kept their doors closed.

Although much of the Church’s infrastructure in Haiti has been rebuilt since the 2010 earthquake, the situation remains precarious, with many Masses being said in makeshift buildings and tents. 


“Before the earthquake, the situation in Haiti was difficult; after the earthquake it was catastrophic,” he said, adding, “and even today by no means all the damage has been repaired. There is still a great deal to do.”

Stressing that the Church’s “humanitarian work has to go hand in hand with the pastoral support,” Dr Saturné recalled Pope Francis’ admonition that “there can be no true rebuilding of the country without the restoration of the human person in his entire fullness”.

Education, he said, was vital in this respect, calling for more kindergartens and schools and for greater  access to the country’s prohibitively expensive network of schools and universities.  

“We need to support the young people financially, so that they can attend these schools and universities,” he said.

“The young people are crucial to the future of our country,” he said, lamenting how many young Haitians must move to the Dominican republic in search of economic opportunity.