Christians in Jerusalem pray together for peace

Christians in Jerusalem pray together for peace The Iconoclast inside the Greek Catholic Melkite Church of the Annunciation in Jerusalem. Photo: Wikipedia

Jerusalem (KNA): Representatives of almost all Christian churches have prayed for an end to the war and for hope at an ecumenical prayer for peace in Jerusalem.

High-ranking representatives of the Catholic, Armenian, Coptic, Anglican and Protestant Churches attended the service on Wednesday evening. In hymns and intercessions, the Christians prayed for God’s help for a just and lasting peace in the Holy Land “with real security for all.”

With psalm and gospel texts, intercessions and songs in English and Arabic, the congregation called for the “unity of Christians” and prayed “for an end to the violence we are experiencing in Gaza and the West Bank, in our wounded hearts. And in a world that is more inclined to one-sided partisanship than to unity and cooperation.”

The Tantur Ecumenical Centre hosted the prayer meeting in the Greek Catholic Melkite Cathedral. The centre was founded after the first visit of a pope to Jerusalem in 1964 as a place of encounter and fellowship for Christians.