Cavalier approach to the Constitution

Cavalier approach to the Constitution

Dear Editor, What are we to make of the cavalier approach of our parliamentarians to Bunreacht na hÉireann in the matter of the Eighth Amendment? The Attorney General has expressed her opinion that the legislation proposed is contrary to the Constitution and thus illegal. Would not the civilised thing to do be to tease the matter of legality out before proceeding to formulate legislation? Also, is conscience to be respected in this matter?

Similarly the device of forming a Constitutional Convention/Citizens’ Assembly to advise on the matter is an abject abdication of responsibility. Of the two subjects proposed for referendum by such a body in the previous administration, one was rejected by the people and the other was passed, but by a margin much narrower than the Convention had suggested. This is a crude way of passing the buck and an attempt to exercise power with minimum responsibility. It is faux democracy, of doubtful legality and morality.

These processes, a response to outside international forces, are a real and present threat to our sovereignty. They should be resisted now.

Yours etc.,

Fr Pádraig Ó Cuill, OFM Cap.,

Raheny, Dublin 5.