Campaigners urge Maria Steen to run for President

Campaigners urge Maria Steen to run for President

A campaign to get The Irish Catholic columnist Maria Steen to throw her hat into the ring and run for President is gaining momentum online.

While the petition calling for the respected commentator to run for president has reached over 1,250 signatures, the flattering gesture may fall flat according to trusted sources.

The page entitled ‘Maria Steen for President of Ireland’ has received a huge response with fans describing Mrs Steen as “educated and compassionate” and having “all the qualities needed to represent our country”.

There’s also a sentiment that she would be a voice for the hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised pro-life voters disappointed after the Eighth Amendment was repealed by a landslide vote last May.


The petition states: “I believe you are a strong, intelligent and articulate woman with exemplary morals and values.”

“Over the past year and during the recent referendum, I witnessed you work extremely hard as you dedicated your time and energy to protect and actually saving countless lives. You have earned my respect and I am certain the respect of many Irish citizens.”

It adds that Mrs Steen has demonstrated “time and time again” that she is not afraid to speak out for the most vulnerable.

With the petition’s signature goal set at 1,500, it is most likely it has reached its target by the time this paper has gone to print – or shortly after.

However, sources close to Mrs Steen say it’s most likely a no go. Her campaign would have to receive support from 20 Oireachtas members or secure backing from four local authorities before she could run to be the president – a possibly very time consuming venture.

There are already several prospective candidates who have put their names forward to contest Michael D. Higgins for the presidency.