Boycott those parts of the media with a pro-abortion attitude

Dear Editor, Pro-life business people, individuals or companies should now boycott pro-abortion Irish media by withdrawing advertising from print or broadcast media, whose writers or editors drive the pro-abortion agenda.

The products of manufacturers or companies who support pro-abortion media should also be boycotted and told why.

The tragic Savita case illustrated how the pro-abortion media exploited Savita’s sad death to drive their abortion lobby agenda. The sight of a National Union of Journalists (NUJ) banner being carried recently at a ‘pro-choice’ march indicates where the NUJ stands on the abortion issue.

Similarly, would-be pro-abortion politicians or parties should be boycotted at the ballot box.

The recent attacks, political and in the media, on Article 8 of our Constitution, which defends the unborn against abortion, are a good indicator of who stands where.

We must support pro-life media (religious or not) and pro-life groups, with our money and advertising.

Yours etc.,

Oliver Maher,

Harolds Cross,

Dublin 6W.