Don’t pigeonhole unbelievers as hard atheists, study cautions

Religious and non-religious people share more than common stereotypes might suggest, according to a major study presented at the Vatican this week. “Our data directly counter common stereotypes about unbelievers,” Dr Jon Lanham of Queen’s University Belfast said of the Understanding Unbelief programme, which mapped the diversity of unbelief across Brazil, China, Denmark, Japan, the…

Medjugorje trips get papal green light

Pope Francis’ decision to allow priests to lead formal parish pilgrimages to Medjugorje, where Mary has allegedly been appearing since 1981, has been enthusiastically welcomed by leading Irish promoters of the pilgrimage site. Over two years after Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Warszawa-Praga was named as the Pope’s special envoy to the Bosnia-Herzegovinan shrine, tasked with…

Wild accusations and ignorance not worthy of scholars

Francis Derangement Syndrome hit a new low over the last fortnight, with the publication of a preposterous open letter from a handful of Catholics calling on bishops to “address the situation of Pope Francis’ public adherence to heresy”. Published on the ever-untrustworthy with the tagline ‘Prominent clergy, scholars accuse Pope Francis of heresy in…

Notre Dame fire has ‘touched human spirit’
The Holy Week fire at Notre Dame Cathedral has done something to make people realise the importance of God and faith, according to a prominent Paris-based Irish priest. Speaking to The Irish Catholic, Fr Aidan Troy, who became famous when shielding Catholic schoolgirls from loyalist mobs during the Holy Cross Ardoyne protests in 2001, said…
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From football to fanning youthful flames of faith
Vocations Sunday Supplement 2019 A former soccer international is set to form Ireland’s next generation of Dominican priests, writes Greg Daly   Every vocation story is special – God calls each of us as unique individuals with distinct tasks unique to us, after all – but among Ireland’s more recent vocation stories, that of Fr…
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‘heartbreaking’ reminder 

The martyrdom of Christians in Sri Lanka should underline how Christians are threatened worldwide, Archbishop Eamon Martin has said. Speaking in Armagh Cathedral, the Primate of All-Ireland said it was “heartbreaking” that Sri Lankan Christians were unable to gather for Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday following the Easter Sunday bombings in the south Asian country.…