Amnesty is discredited

Dear Editor, Liam Duffy (Letters IC 02/07/2015) refers to the Irish section of Amnesty International and its ‘volte-face’ on abortion. I wonder if he is aware that when Amnesty International first came out in favour of abortion, the Irish section hypocritically claimed that it did not support this position. However, it wasn’t long until, not alone did they support abortion, but they actively campaigned for it, including a submission to the Dáil Committee before the recent abortion Bill was forced through here.

As a former member also, because of its opposition to the death penalty, I resigned immediately when it became obvious that there was now an exception to this for the unborn baby, the most vulnerable and defenceless of all. I cannot see how anyone can in good conscience now support his discredited organisaton and I hope that many will make their views known to Amnesty.

Yours etc.,

Mary Stewart,

Donegal, Co. Donegal.