A Pope for the era of new media

Dear Editor, During the 2,000-plus years, since Christ came on Earth and the apostles set out on foot to spread the Word of God – “Go forth ye and teach ye all nations” – communication was difficult and progress slow.  Possibly they were even unaware they were marketing the greatest and most sustainable product on Earth – the Gospel of Christ. Today that message of the Roman Catholic Church has reached the four corners of the globe.  The groundwork may be laid but ongoing service and expansion is vital.

Thanks for the foresight of Pope Francis in recognising the potential of modern technological communication and social media in progressing this service and ensuring the continuous spread of the Gospel.  Francis’ personal magnetism always attracts crowds, even in the virtual world, he is now named among a list of world leaders as the one with most digital influence.

Dialogue with men and women of today and how to engage in that dialogue with discernment is high on the Pope’s priorities for our present Church.  The new challenge is to help every person discover Jesus through the new communication media era.  Good luck to you, Pope Francis, on your new enlightenment.

Yours etc.,

James Gleeson,


Co. Tipperary.