A place in which to care for yourself and your spirit

A place in which to care for yourself and your spirit Sr Stan.

A Quiet Space: A short history of the Sanctuary, by Sr Stan Kennedy and Sr Síle Wall (Veritas, €16.99/ £14.90)


This little book is a short history guide to the Sanctuary, founded by the redoubtable Sr Stan and her associates.

She herself writes: “Over 23 years ago, we had a vision for the Sanctuary. That it would be a place of stillness that would speak to the stillness in everyone. That it would be a place of beauty that would speak to the beauty in everyone. That it would be a place where people would thrive. Where they would grow in self- awareness. And in social awareness. A place of personal growth and development.”

The book describes how over those long years things went in developing this ambition. Over that time many ideas were tried, changed, and others maintained. Certainly the places offers a rich variety of ways to access healing, mental calm, and reach towards inner understanding and to spiritual growth.

Its rooms and gardens lie in a fairly hectic part of the city, with heavy traffic and great activity. But the as the name implies the Sanctuary offers time out from that rush and bustle, to help focus, or even refocus, one’s body, mind and spirit in all kinds of ways, new and traditional.

Indeed in a short review it impossible to fill out the richness of new experiences that are of offer.

The resourceful team working there have been able to draw on the goodwill, physical aid and financial support of a wide variety of agencies civil and social. The whole scheme is a lesson in what can be achieved by love, energy and kindness. Long may it flourish, a lovely flower in the stony heart of the old Dublin.

The book itself is a little shy about providing exact contacts details, but these are easily found online with details of the courses and facilities.

Contact: The Sanctuary, Stanhope Green, Stanhope St, off Grangegorman Lower, Dublin 7 DO7 H290; enquirires@sanctuary.ie;tel: 01-670-5419.