A lack of compassion or irresponsibility?

Dear Editor, How uplifting to read Philip Johnson’s story of his diagnosis of terminal brain cancer and his hope of ordination to the priesthood (IC 13/11/2014). 

What a comparison with that of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard who ended her life because of a similar diagnosis. All life is fragile and worth living but, unfortunately, not always regarded as such and certainly not by The Irish Times which recently published an article by Jennifer O’Connell under the heading ‘Just when I think the Catholic Church couldn’t sink any lower’. This referred to Msgr Ignacio Carrasco di Paula, head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, criticising Ms Maynard for taking her own life. According to Ms O’Connell he had no right to do so as “she was not even a Catholic”. 

In light of the huge number of people resorting to suicide here and throughout the world and the efforts being made to prevent the deliberate taking of life, such articles are, at best irresponsible, and certainly at odds with the huge effort made by the marvellous Donal Walsh to have all, and especially young people like himself, value life.

It’s so sad to see the power of the media to promote such false compassion for disrespecting life and its failure to allow balanced and fair discussion on such important issues.

One reason why The Irish Catholic should be valued is its upholding of proper values based on natural law, as well as the law of God.

Yours etc.,

Mary Stewart,


Donegal Town.