A Kaboodle of Treasured Tales the new book from Saint Martin Apostolate has landed

A Kaboodle of Treasured Tales the new book from Saint Martin Apostolate has landed

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”… so wrote Joseph Addison over 300 years ago.  Most of us have memories of being read to as children and the pleasure it gave us, although of course we did not know then that because of the learning potential, the effects of reading on children are vast and multiple studies have highlighted its benefits.

Learning should be enjoyable. Reading provides parents and children with an opportunity to have a regular and shared event that both can look forward to. This provides feelings of attention, love and reassurance for the child which is key for nurturing and well-being.

A Kaboodle of Treasured Tales is a new, charming, illustrated book recently published by Saint Martin Apostolate and is the perfect addition to story time with your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. This delightful book includes seventeen short stories which have been illustrated with beautiful hand-drawn pictures from the very talented artist, Will Nathans. Every story in the book subtly teaches about morals, ethics, kindness, empathy plus so much more in an easy to interpret way.

“Sadly, we live in a world where the central Christian concept of loving our neighbour is becoming less and less evident. There is a tendency today for the focus to be less on the school and more on the home as the place where a strong value system for upright living is instilled.” said Darragh Murphy, general manager of St Martin Apostolate. ‘…our book is filled with stories which will engage the imaginations of children, but also make them think and put themselves in the story, experiencing the lives of different characters which will enable them to identify with how they are feeling. They in turn can use this understanding to empathise in the real world with other people.’

A book like ‘A Kaboodle of Treasured Tales’ provides a perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of friendship and kindness, the harm caused by gossip, the value of withholding judgement, the way to see Christ in others and the damage that anger can do. It also brings the added joy of further strengthening the bond between parent and child or grandparent and child as they discuss the issues which are essential to living a life where consideration for others is paramount.

A Kaboodle of Treasured Tales is available now from St Martin Apostolate for just €9.99 and is the perfect gift for the young folk in your life. Visit www.stmartin.ie or call them on 01 8745465.

A Kaboodle of Treasured Tales
78 Pages
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