A dispute over numbers at the Vigil for Life

Dear Editor, Reading across the numerous media reports available following the May 3 Vigil for Life in Dublin, I was astonished to see the great variance in estimated numbers, from as low as 2,000 according to The Irish Times and has high as 15,000 form the Pro-Life Campaign. For the record, and having attended a fantastic event myself, I fully accept the PLC’s figure over that of the Times, which has shown itself subject to inaccuracies – to put it kindly – on the issue of abortion in the past.

However, might I suggest to your readers to put the figures to the test themselves as we move towards voting in the local and European elections.

Allowing for the lower vigil figure, let us see how well pro-abortion candidates actually poll if all they have to worry about is 2,000 pro-life voters (let’s say 4,000 for a generous proportion of like-minded people who could not get to Dublin on the day).

I write, of course, in jest, and in full confidence that those who backed the introduction of abortion to Ireland will feel the full force of voter anger in due course.

I, for one, am ready to cast my ballot.

Yours etc.,

Bernie Fleming,


Co. Limerick.