A deep well of spirituality

The Writings of St Teresa of Avila: A Introduction by Eugene McCaffrey OCD ( €6.50 / £5.00 pb)

March 28, 2015 will mark the fifth centenary of the birth of St Teresa. She remains the focus of intense devotion, and person of great intellectual and spiritual interest.

In this brief book Eugene McCaffrey sets out to provide his readers ñ and anyone beginning to take an interest in the saint ñ with a compact account of her life, her writings and her sanctity.

As a committed teacher he also provides a most useful list of books for further reading, allowing readers to explore further. 

The depths of St Teresaís writings are not easily fathomed, as some readers may already know, but it is worth persisting.

For many other readers this book ought to be the start of a great spiritual adventure.

Great figure

St Teresa, who died in 1582, is a very great figure, an example of what it is that women have brought to the Church over the centuries since the evening of Pentecost. 

Gifts such as hers, the gift of the Holy Spirit, all too often seem to outshine those of men whose minds are so often set on structures and control rather than spiritual
insight and the freedoms
it brings.