Vocations and youth ministries join forces

Vocations and youth ministries join forces Some members of NET Ministries

The organisation tasked with promoting vocations to religious life has joined forces with a youth evangelisation group in order to reach out to young people. “We realised you need to have young people to network with young people,” Vocations Ireland Director Margaret Cartwright told The Irish Catholic.

The organisation is working in partnership with NET Ministries on a pilot project that will see a team of six young missionaries working with members of religious congregations who will speak to young people in parishes across the country.

“The NET team will go into the schools and get to know the young people and they will invite them to the parish events that NET and Vocations Ireland will run,” Ms Cartwright said. “We will send out someone from Vocations Ireland with the team and when NET missionaries share their testimony the religious will share their vocation story, so that we highlight a consciousness of vocation and young people can understand what a vocation is.”

Executive Director of NET Ministries Ireland, Tony Foy said the two organisations have an “aligned mission” and that is “bringing the Gospel to young people and helping them to discover what it is that God has planned for them in their lives”.

The initiative will also ask parishes to host a mission which local young people can take ownership of as a legacy