Vatican in UN wepaons call

United Nations – Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, the Apostolic Nuncio and Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations has called on the international community to seize the opportunity in disarming weapons of mass destruction.

During an address to the UN General Assembly last week, the archbishop said recent moves on chemical weapons in Syria suggested that there is a will among nations to build "a better world" free of chemical and nuclear weapons.

"The willingness of the world as a whole to move forward in a constructive manner to eliminate nuclear weapons has never been more evident," he said. "The international community must appeal and act with one voice to ban all weapons of mass destruction. The prospects for the cooperation of all states on a new agenda for peace have suddenly taken an upturn. This work requires the continued advocacy and cooperation of all. A better world awaits us if we reduce the excessively high military spending and if we set aside part of military expenditures for a world fund to relieve the needs of developing and least developed nations."