US Congressman criticises Ireland’s abortion law

‘Silence is not an option’

A member of the United States Congress has criticised the Irish Government for its introduction of a “culture of death” via abortion legislation.

Addressing a gathering of Irish-American Catholics in New York on March 7, Republican Congressman Chris Smith, a long-time opponent of abortion, lamented that, in Ireland, “bedrock moral and spiritual foundations seem to be cracking and crumbling with lightning speed”.

“Sadly, the culture of death has made recent inroads in Ireland, previously one of the most pro-life countries in the world whose constitution gives equal protection to the lives of mothers and unborn children,” Smith told his audience, which included Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.

More broadly, Smith went on, “the culture of death has been a decades-long megatrend in society—slavishly promoted by many politicians, journalists, academics, environmentalists and some human rights groups like Amnesty International.”

Urging his audience to greater efforts against abortion, Mr Smith concluded: “Silence is not an option. It falls to us to promote and establish a sustainable culture of life both here and overseas—inclusive of all regardless of religion, race, sex, disability, age or condition of dependency. It falls to us to warn others in the world of the deception and lies so skillfully employed by the abortion industry.”