US ambassador ‘advancing LGBT agenda’

A bishop in the Dominican Republic has accusing the US ambassador to the Caribbean country of abusing his position to advance “the LGBT agenda”.

Bishop Victor Masalles, auxiliary bishop of Santo Domingo, believes Ambassador James Brewster is engaging in what Pope Francis has called “cultural imperialism” and “ideological colonisation”, using western money and power to lead developing societies to abandon their traditional values.

Speaking in an interview, Dr Masalles said Mr Brewster was “abusing power” by “going beyond his responsibilities to promote a personal agenda”.

Since his arrival in November 2013, the embassy has been funding Dominican gay rights groups as part of the State Department’s initiative to advance gay and transgender rights abroad.

Dr Massales said he also suspected that the US and some international organisations were also pressuring the government, comparing the situation to an unsuccessful 2014 attempt to introduce ‘therapeutic abortion’ against the will of the people, something President Danilo Medina later admitted, according to Dr Massales, had been done under international pressure.