UK bishops discuss Brexit with EU officials

UK bishops discuss Brexit with EU officials Bishop Nicholas Hudson

Bishops from England and Wales met representatives from EU institutions to address issues and key concerns for the Church regarding Brexit.

Bishop Nicholas Hudson led the delegation which discussed the importance of upholding human rights in trade deals, prisoner transfer rights, the North of Ireland and its border issues with the Republic of Ireland.

They also discussed the rights of EU nationals in the UK and vice versa.

Bishop Hudson said: “The UK is still part of the EU and during the transitional period before the UK leaves there are vital issues to resolve. We will also continue to have a relationship with the EU and its institutions in the future so these face-face meetings are invaluable.

“Essentially we must always promote the human and insist that the human is put at the centre of the European project and the policies adopted by its institutions, affecting all European citizens. It is important to remember that we will remain part of Europe even when the UK leaves the European Union.”